Top 5 Signs to Know If Your Hair Is Healthy

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1. Strength: 
The strength of your hair makes it possible for you to manipulate the hair with out breakage. Minimal to no damage should occur during the manipulation/ styling of your hair. Pay more attention to your hair tools to see if you are seeing an increase in breakage during styling (check your combs and brushes for excess amounts of hair loss) When your hair becomes dry/brittle the strength of your hair is weakened and your hair will break off in larger amounts. Moisturizing and retaining moisture is a key factor in increasing/maintaining the strength of your strands.

2. Elasticity:  
Another sign of healthy hair is that it in elastic in texture. Your hair should stretch like a normal rubber band. In order to maintain the elastic nature of your hair, one must avoid using brushes on wet hair. Elasticity and strength go hand-in-hand, as both are related to the integrity of the keratin within the hair. Hair that lacks elasticity is more prone to breakage, and has difficulty withstanding damage from manipulation. In general with healthy hair, you should be able to gently tug at a curl or two, and watch it spring back into place without breaking.

3. Feels Soft: Shed Hair
We lose about 50-100 hairs per day. When I say lose hair I do not mean breakage but an actual entire strand of hair. Hair from the root detaches from the scalp when its hair cycle has ended. If you happen to see one of these hairs(they have a small white bulb on the top) check the length of it. Does the length that you see match the length of hair that you have? If not, you may have breakage.

4. Retains moisture: 
I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in this article already but a moisture/protein balanced regimen will do/work wonders on your hair in order to assist in retaining moisture. Our hair has different porosity levels but healthy hair in general is able to absorb and retain moisture to prevent dry brittle hair that ultimately leads to breakage. Healthy hair is able to retain moisture. Special attention should be paid to moisturizing your hair and there are several different methods that should be able to work/ assist no matter what your porosity levels are. (They may require a few tweaks though to suit your hair). If your hair is unable to properly retain moisture or quickly loses moisture you may have damaged cuticles on the hair shaft that are incapable of properly covering the hair.

5. Naturally Shiny: 
If your hair is soft and shiny from the roots to the tips it means your hair is free from damage or has minimal damage and is thoroughly moisturized! Healthy hair has a natural shine or luster to it (though it may be less noticeable in certain textures of hair that do not reflect the light as easily). To check the shine or luster of your hair naturally you must do it on a wash day when all products have been removed and your hair is in its natural state. Hair that is dull /lifeless is a sign of possible unhealthy damage. Including lots of leafy greens in your diet would ensure softer and shinier hair!

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