Top 7 Indian Hairdo Hairstyles

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Amongst the many cultural boundaries that bind India to its rightful place, self grooming, makeup and hair is one of the primmest essentials of a true Indian beauty. India is known for its extensive use of intricate ornaments, heavy jewelries and of course the eye boggling hairdos. Usually there are a few hand selected classified hairstyles like the buns and the braids that form the base structure to a flawless Indian hairstyle and if you are still worried about which ones to flaunt, here is a catalogue of some of the main Indian hairdo designs which can be your guideline to awesome hair.

1- The Pinup

Much like the earlier hairstyle, even here the primary requirement is a set of a few bobby pins. This one is a much more neat and fitted look where you gather the hair at the back and then individually singling out the locks roll them to a pin up as a bun.

2- The Knotted Look

Here is a break from all the buns as you sport an everyday look with a knotted details that would make heads turn as you waltz by. To start off with this look, segment the hair into three tiers and making a pony out of each. The next step requires you to loop each of the ponies to finish of this look. This is not only a great office look but also a good way to spice up your everyday hair.

3- The Heavy Side Braid

Start by braiding your hair once again like before but this time go sideways so that you can pick up the rest of the locks as you go about your braid eventually ending up with a full side braid.

4- The Half Do

To get this look, start by sectioning the hair from the upper layers into one and then softly curling the longer locks to get the apt volume for this look. Now section a part of the upper layers, and tease it properly to create the bump and secure it to the back of the head. You can even use bump-its for a more stable look. With the rest of the hair from the upper layers bring the, all the way back from either side and pin them to give yourself a messy half updo.

5- The Braid Bun:

The only requirement for this hairstyle would be a hair tie with some bobby pins and a skilled set of helping hands. Start of by braiding your hair from the front, all the way to the back of the head. Gather the hair up, start rolling it into a soft bun before pinning it to place with the tie and the pins.

6- The French Roll

Buns are one of the primary hairstyle ideas when we talk Indian but when we create a bit of western fusion with Indian, the results show a dazzling new look. It is from here that the French roll bun got its occurrence where the bun is rolled inwards at the back of your head and pinned down to its place for perfection.

7- The Vintage Look

To start off, section the hair from your crown and bump it up using the teasing technique o simply through a bump it. Pinning the puff to the place, gather the hair high above into a soft pony and then roll it up in a braid. For the best vintage look, part the front layers and pin them to the back to finish off the look.

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