How To Wear a Blanket Scarf

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Winter time is here! You can’t flaunt your summer dresses and mini-skirts anymore. So what do you to look chic and trendy in this season of ‘brrrrr’? Well just because its winter doesn't mean you can’t have fun dressing up and look as stylish as you always do. This is the season wear all the boots, long coats, over sized sweaters, leather jackets and blanket scarves come into fashion. The rest being easy to dress up in, however wearing a blanket scarf in the correct manner can be pretty difficult to figure out.

1-Sweater Style

2-Belted Poncho-Style


Simply put your blanket scarf around your neck, leave the ends hanging down, and then belt it. It almost looks like you’re wearing a sweater or a vest.


4-The Shawl


5-Cowboy Chic


6-The Western

7-Angle poncho

Wear the blanket scarf asymmetrically to create a poncho. Fold the scarf into a triangle and place the long point over one shoulder, tying the other two ends loosely around your neck.

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