How to Become a Good Father

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“Where did I go wrong?” This question tormented Michael, * from South Africa. As hard as he had tried to be a good father, every time he thought about his wayward 19-year-old son, he wondered if he could have been a better parent.
In contrast, Terry, who lives in Spain, seems to have succeeded as a father. His son, Andrew, says: “Many of my earliest memories of my dad are of him reading to me, playing with me, and taking me on trips where he and I could spend time alone. He made learning fun.”
Admittedly, it is not easy to be a good father. But there are basic principles that can help. Many fathers have found that they and their families benefit when they follow the wisdom found in the Bible. Let us consider some of the Bible’s practical advice that can help fathers.

1-Give time to your baby

Always spend quality time with your baby daily. Quality time mean you have to do a positive activity with your bay like a positive game, or exercise or any good habit. You can also teach your baby about their school or college work.  Understand the needs of your baby and play with your baby as a friend.

2-Show your lots of love

Children are so sensitive and every baby, child and teenage require lots of love and attention, as it is the primary need of every baby. Make your child feel special by showing your love like give your baby good night kiss, hug and lots of love. Call your child by lovable name. Father is the primary role model for children, so you have to show lots of love for your child.

3-Take interest in your child hobbies and likes

  • A primary point of a good friend and a good father is that she always shows interest in the hobbies of their babies. She never forbid or neglect baby activities.
  • If your child like a painting then provides all type of color and brushes that your baby wants and also show that you also like painting so much. Do paint with your child and give your baby more ideas about painting.

4-Plain some extracurricular activities for you baby

  • Extracurricular activities are good for developing, healthy and active baby. You are busy, but your child is also much important for you. You should have to plan some extra time for your child in which you enjoy and fun with your baby. Plain some indoor and outdoor activities for your baby and also you take part in these activities like
  • Do some craft project with your bay and provide all type of material that your child wants.
  • Plan some outdoor games like cricket, basketball, football or walking.
  • Go into some historical and informative places with your babies like a museum, historical places, and educational places, as it is the activity and also teaching your child.

5-Be patient

As being a father is a challenge for you. You have to face many types of challenges daily that are very tough for you that can lose your temper so much, but if you want to teach your baby good habits then you have to control yourself and be patient. If your baby does not understand your “No” then gives your baby a proper reliable and practical reason according to her mind.

6-Teach your children many significant and necessary things

As a father, it is your duty that you have learned your baby many good habits like how to build confidence? How to talk to a stranger? How to brush your teeth? How to solve many types of problem? The main thing is that you should not solve all the problem by yourself infect you have to teach tricks and tips to handle the problem. In this way, your baby will learn to solve many types of problems soon.

7-Be a good communicator

If you want to become a good father, then you have to become a good listener. Yes, a good listener is always a good friend and good friend always teach better. Make a habit that your baby shares daily routine with you. Especially ask your child daily a good thing and a bad thing that he/she had done or feel.  Don’t become so stick or rude if your baby shares any bad things, infect you have to teach you baby in a better and polite way.
I want to explain that a daughter always learns from her father how to talk and communicate with a stranger and how to build up confidence? So as a father it is your responsibility that you talk and interact with your daughter and listen. If you become a good communicator for your child then you I hope your baby needs no any bad friend, and he/she always copy and share all types of good and bad things with you.

8-Give some pocket money

Your baby has a unique personality, and he/she has basic needs and requirements. Give some pocket money according to your budget and make him bit liberal, as he/she can spend money and learn something. Don’t ask your baby every time to save money.
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