Foods That Make You Look Tired

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In our busy life, we have many things that make us look upset and feel tired. Whenever we look into the mirror, we look exhausted no matter how much rest we had the previous day. Looking at the dark circles, one can simply say that you are tired and exhausted. Dark circles show that you are dog-tired and what we often do is simply conceal them with makeup. Applying makeup helps us sometimes but looking tired could be a sign of an underlying disease. Sometimes we look tired even after putting on everything and having enough of rest, then the below list of foods could be the culprits. By recognizing such foods and their effects on your skin, you can eliminate them from your diet and guarantee yourself a radiant and fresh appearance.

 Anything more than one glass of wine with dinner can seriously dehydrate you, making you look dried out and soaking up any glow that your skin may have had. If you can’t avoid alcohol altogether, try alternating drinks between an alcoholic beverage and water so that you don’t entirely dehydrate yourself.

Fried foods
Nothing is worse for you than fried food. Brimming with oils and trans-fat, fried foods clog your arteries, stiffen your skin, and cause you to gain weight. The oils break down the collagen in your skin, increasing dryness and wrinkles, and the fats cling to your body, weighing you down and destroying your energy levels. It’s best to avoid these foods completely in order to continue feeling young and fit. Replace your cravings with fresh fruit, veggies, and other healthy summer snacks to keep up a refreshed appearance.

Including candies and other foods that are high in sugar such as sweets can cause you to crash later. Sugar in candies and other sweets have no nutrients and eating lots of foods rich in sugar such as candies, sweets, chocolates etc. can increase your insulin and wreak havoc on your system. They make you feel exhausted and fade away the natural blush from your skin. Better limit the intake of such foods to lower proportions.

Caffeine can dehydrate you almost as bad as alcohol. Age lines, age spots, wrinkles, and a dull appearance are all side effects of consuming too much caffeine. Try weaning yourself off caffeine, and as you do so, balance caffeine consumption with a few glasses of water throughout the day (this will stop your skin from drying out and stretching your face). A lack of sleep can also increase the likelihood of premature aging. Regulate your sleep schedule to guarantee that you are getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

Spicy Food
Spicy food causes blotchiness and an uneven skin tone, which can make you appear tired. Depending on how spicy the meal is, it can even dilate the size of your blood vessels, which can stiffen your skin and tighten your face. In order to avoid premature aging, consider balancing spices with a splash of fresh fruit, like pineapple or lime. Adding in cooling fruits will help neutralize the spice and give your skin a chance to look and feel refreshed.

Red Meat
You don’t have to become a vegetarian, but eating red meat more than once a week has been linked to an increase in wrinkles, caused by the carnitine compound in red meat that hardens blood vessel walls. If you don’t want to cut out red meat entirely, try to stick to a rule of eating it no more than once a week.
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