Discover The Benefits Of Chocolate Wax

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Chocolates have always been a favorite stress buster for women. And with the advent of the chocolate wax, it has become a preferred stress buster for hundreds of women who have had their share of pain and sting while waxing. Many women have shown their faith in the benefits of a chocolate wax. The entire concept of chocolate waxing is quite new and many of us are not quite aware of the different aspects of chocolate wax. Keeping that in mind, here I have this article where I have tried to compile all that you need to know about chocolate wax.

1-Stress Is Released Automatically

Chocolate has been a popular stress buster since ages. Its delicious aroma is known to induce peace and relaxation and enhance the ‘feel-good factor’ in the mind. This drains away any tension and rejuvenates the mind which greatly boosts comfort and ease in the entire hair-removal session. Therefore, the aromatherapy benefits of chocolate wax definitely add to its appeal.

2-Pain Is Reduced Significantly

Normal wax has predominantly sticky substances like honey, sugar and lemon which aggravates the pain .In contrast, chocolate wax is enriched with a plethora of natural ingredients like cocoa, almond oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil, glycerin, and other skin nourishing compounds and vitamins including vitamin E and minerals. These abundant skin soothing elements with minimal sticky substances facilitate relaxation and enlargement of skin pores which makes hair removal, a less painful affair. Chocolate waxing products also cause minimal to no rashes and redness post session. It is also a terrific sun tan remover. Hence it is a highly recommended wax for those entire women, who avoid waxing sessions simply because of the pain involved.

3-Retards Re-Growth Of Hair

The rate of your hair growing back is controlled by a woman’s hair growth pattern. However, chocolate waxing products, loaded with skin nourishing ingredients have proved to further retard the re-growth of hair. Volume of hair growing back is also scantier. Consequently the duration between the visits to a salon gets longer. Ultimately, it even balances out the extra money that you pay for chocolate waxing against regular waxing. Some claim the visits to be curtailed by 50 percent.

4-Excellent For In-Grown Hair

In-grown hair refers to that hair which grows beneath the first layer of the skin. Apart from being painful, they are very unsightly and prone to causing infection. Uneven and untidy re-growth of hair with abundant in-grown hair can result from improper waxing. Moreover normal waxing removes hair from the surface only. One of the major chocolate wax benefits is that it cleans all hair in-growth and removes even the tiniest of hair with little to no pain. Going by the fashion tips given by experts, cocoa based wax has no competition in removing in-grown hair.

5-Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Normal wax is applied hot which can cause burning and inflammation randomly. When the wax strip is pulled off, the stinging sensation that follows, may last for quite some time. In contrast, chocolate wax is not hot and has anti-inflammatory properties which leave a smooth and clean skin after use. The wax is applied when it is comfortable warm and hence imparts similar feelings like a cozy body pack. Consequently one feels refreshed and even pampered.

6-Clears Off The Smallest Strands

Normal waxing requires 2 to 3 rounds of pull off for proper cleaning and still leave behind the small strands of hair. In contrast, chocolate wax has proven to be super cogent for clearing away even the tiniest of hair. A comprehensive and super-clean look tops the list of benefits of chocolate wax.

7-Leaves Behind a Smooth And Glowing Skin

Chocolate is an indulgence like nothing else. Consuming it arouses ‘super-good’ feelings but pampering your skin with it makes you look drop-dead-gorgeous. Packed with carefully and proportionately chosen quintessential elements, they provide a mini-spa to your skin along with removal of hair. Eliminating all rashness, redness and even tan, each hair removal session leaves behind a smooth, glowing and supple skin. All dead skin cells are scrubbed away and rich essential oils absorbed by the skin which effectively traps moisture in the rooted layers. This leaves a soft and supple skin which is luxuriously pampered, rejuvenated and revitalized.
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